Inspiring Excellence by bringing people & ideas together, one speaker at a time.

TA Speakers Management is a boutique speaker management and coaching company founded by Tami Adams in September 2020. 

Tami has been working in the event management and speaking industry for over 13 years. She brings her unique, bubbly, energetic and dedicated personality to every client that crosses her path.

Some people are just born to work in the events industry; they love the details; they kick out on the tech and they are natural connectors. New and innovative ways to elevate the attendee experience make them happy they want to cry. This is Tami. 

She believes that when people come together, magic happens. What better way to bring people together than through the power of speech.

A highly sought-after Speaker Agent, Tami had to choose between two loves; putting on the event itself or finding the perfect speaker to have at the event.

In an exciting plot twist, at the beginning of COVID-19 after nine years with Canada’s largest Speakers Bureau, Tami had an opportunity to completely reinvent herself. That is when TA Speakers Management was born!

A perfect day in Tami’s world involves:

  • Prospecting client calls.

  • Solidifying the details for one of her exclusive speakers, Sarah McVanel, International Speaker & Recognition Expert. 

  • Hopping on board with fellow event professionals and charting the future path of the events industry.

  • Participating in one of the many event experiences that she co-hosts with her speaker partners.

To top it off, she coaches emerging speakers wanting to break into one of the most exciting industries in the world. She also works alongside Professional Speakers who want to enhance their profile and offerings to attract more clients.

Warm, passionate, enthusiastic, and ridiculously loyal. Tami wants every single part of an event she touches to be a knock-it-out-of-the-park success. There are no half measures. If you work with TA Speakers Management, the experience is second to none.

We are currently proudly representing Sarah McVanel, Recognition Expert & Engaging Keynote Speaker. Get in touch here to find out more about how Sarah can help transform your people, teams or organizations through recognition and appreciation. 

Interested in Coaching/Consulting Services, check out our page here.